Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Photographing in the Snow...

The snow... It is kind of a "Love-Hate" relationship. It always brings back the lovely day of photographing a wedding in a blizzard, 17 degrees, the bride wearing sandals, and the father saying, "Who chose this date"! The snow is also very beautiful, but when taking family photos the best advice I can tell you is purchase some hand warmers, give them to your customers, they are great in their back pockets for keeping buns warm and for younger kids in their pockets to keep their hands warm. Once they get cold, your pretty much done. They are also great for keeping noses from going red. Put some in your pockets to keep your hands from "stiffening" up (whether that is a real word or not...).

Ask the family to relax their shoulders. That is one thing that makes them look cold. Really sensitive eyes...some people eyes water (like mine) and they squint excessively. Have them shield their eyes and you may have to count for them so they can relax their eyes right when you are going to take them. That is the hardest thing for me to work with.

Make sure it is fresh, fallen snow. Nothing is worse than "old" blotchy snow. The best is the day after a good snow storm. The day is usually a little bit warmer. Ask the family to walk around the area that you are taking them in, so right in front of them isn't all trampled down with foot prints.

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