Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Doug & Katie

What an awesome couple and wonderful families! Great combo for easy photos. Laughter is always welcome when doing family photos. Friends were added to the mix- lucky couple to have such wonderful people surrounding them.

This photo I used Nic color Efex filters- Paper Toner #7- opasity down to 55% and then I added back a bit of yellow to give it a old feel. Katie was so beautiful in her dress.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Haylee & Brady


I realize that several of the photos are kissing or at a distance, but I was messing with the architecture. The temples and many churches have wonderful lines to work with. It's funny, I have never photographed from the arch going North. (the one above this one). I had to because the temple was actually closed for renovation this day and so there was carpet stacked in the doorway so I turned around and because it was overcast the trees weren't blown out. Nice option. I also like the new door they put in at the Mt. Timp. Temple. Since we were there when there weren't any people present, we could do some more things with it.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rachel's Belly....

It is official, I am a grandmother. Rachel is due again at the end of July. I had a hard time wrapping my brain around "Grandma", so my name is Mimi to Sela. My favorite thing now is my phone call almost every morning..."Good morning Mimi! I just woke up! I want to talk to Sassy!" (my youngest daughter Sophie or she loves to talk to Gus the dog.) These are the typical family photos we get of Sela, not one to hold still, but that's okay, that is who she is.  Can't wait for Graham to arrive. View Rachel's blog here.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh, baby....

I photographed David and Kallie's wedding a few years ago. What a sweet baby. He never cried once, but so wiggly! So beautiful. Good luck Kallie and David... it goes by soooo quickly!! Love him... hold him everyday. 

Janelle and Mike

What a beautiful couple! Both as individuals and together. Fun, relaxed, "whatever...." . Families were equally wonderful.

Bekah's Pics

Bekah is a great photographer that stayed for the entire reception. I photographed her wedding a few years ago. She is young, talented and creative. Check out her blog here.

Tracee's Pics

These are some of Tracee's pics from the wedding. Janelle and Mike were starving and his best man went and picked this up for them to eat before the reception. Tracee caught this shot  while he was waiting until I was finished shooting. She always does a great job. View her blog here.