Saturday, September 20, 2008


This is my beautiful new "niece-in-law". Sam forgot her flowers and there was no time to drive back home to retrieve them. I told her to go ahead and come, there were plenty of flowers where we were photographing. It does make it a bit "harder" or lets just say "different" to not be holding a bouquet. It is "weird" as some brides put it to not be holding anything, but we had to do. Since Sam is a "sporty girl", so some of the "girly" things were awkward for her to do. Most of the time she ended up laughing. Hands behind her back seemed to work the best for her. Make sure the bride tries to lower her shoulder closest to you and have her twist enough to expose her waist-line.

Welcome to the family, Sam. My daughter will so love having someone to throw balls with!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kerry & Sarah

Oh, I love my job when they forget or don't care about the camera and they just let "life happen". I love Kerry, what a trooper, this fun series was a result of a comment that Sarah's dad made when he came from work to watch for a few minutes. Just snap, but pay attention because I missed a few because I started laughing also.

Photo tips: on the third photo down where they are kissing with the flowers in focus... make sure the bride"s arm is under the groom's. Dang, my eye keeps going there. Also, I wish I would have not had her bouquet in her hand. The color wasn't needed. I still like the photograph. I am so bummed because I couldn't have asked for better color. The evening light was just perfect. At one point though, when we first got there, it was really, kind of yellow. I love it, to walk in, (I sometimes feel I am walking though someone's painting) but to photograph skin tones, it is a little harder. To remove it from the one on the bridge- I went to Hue and Sat and chose yellow in the options and took out, I believe 10, just to get a bit out of the skin. Nice bright overcast days do not need a flash as much. I had mine turned down to 1/125 and also had a bouncer on. If you are not careful, you will notice the background darker and it will look late evening- not so good. Turn off the flash when coming in close to them or doing details of the dress & bouquet.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Some of my favorites from the shoot.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh, I forgot one...

Not many seven year old boys like their photo taken. This one was the exception. What a model. Who wouldn't like those lips anyway?!

My Favorite Farm that I wish I could Claim!

The little group of little bodies, were actually over a two day period. They are friends full of lots of energy. This place is amazing! It belongs to one of the grandmother's. Who's husband thinks of purchasing an old school bus or old truck for his wife's birthday? This wonderful grandfather! Anyway, here are some of the shots from last week...

I had to have these adorable arms of Addie's- couldn't resist. Mostly because this year she loved having her photo taken. So very proud of her.

HUGE photo tip- if you have a child not responding to absolutely everyone calling her name.... have them leave and talk quietly to her. The baby was soooo much better with just two people and letting her do what she wanted! She relaxed, smiled and was so proud of herself. LESS was definitely more in this situation.