Thursday, October 25, 2007

Peter Meyer Concert

If you want to be a part of a wonderful concert, come to this concert in December. A crazy friend of mine went on line and has booked Peter Meyer's Band for the 3rd time!!!!! It is some of the best music and entertainment I have heard. I have now bought almost all of his CD's and my husband and I have the opportunity in catering dinner for his band every time they have come. If you are not familiar with Peter Meyer, he is Jimmy Buffets main guitar player and has written several of his songs. The instrumentals are soooo great. Can I say more? If you are interested...The dates are December 4th and 5th in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. For more information: Cynthia McKee-, cell 427-3216, $15.00 each. It makes a great gift and it so worth it!!! Tell anyone you think of that might like to come!

Wedding Album

I will add some more designs for some albums, but for now here is one of the most recent albums from a wedding I photographed in September of John and Maegan. My daughter, Rachel designs my albums now which helps me so much. She does a great job and is now doing them for other people! I will add her blog in a few days once she has it up and running!

Dana's Bridal

Fun shoot last night! Dana is obviously a beautiful person who has a sweet spirit about her. The evening was calm and quiet other than the whistles coming from the passing cars. Well deserved!

Photo Assignment

These photos were part of an assignment for natural and open shade lighting. I LOVE gourds, especially when all of the natural elements are still in tact. This gave me some ideas for some posters I would love to design. Take advantage of any classes offered, even if you have shot for years. I ALWAYS get several smaller ideas that may help tremendously in shooting. Thanks, Nicole! Great class. Also, to everyone in the class that I also learned from, thanks for sharing!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Album Styles


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pricing for Enlargements


Pricing for Weddings


Friday, October 12, 2007

Ideas for baby photos

I had an idea in mind and it turned out different than what I was going for, but it sure was fun. Sela loved the quacking duck we used to keep her attention. Along with watching Gus, our dog and the duck, she laughed and laughed. Cute outfits, a beautiful day and laughter, what else could I ask for.

Can't choose between one or two photos...Create a collage! This is a great way to be creative in cropping and show off your child. These were created in Photoshop. I keep the templets and change out the names and photos. Really quick if you plan on doing several.

We made a Father's Day card with a few of the photos we took of Sela. (Mind you it was just a few days before Father's Day and my daughter gives me a call..."Mom...can we do this for Dad and the Grandpa's?") She was great fun.


Time, time....I will be adding some more photos to this section, maybe by tomorrow!

Babies and their back ends. Nothing sweeter, especially when they are your daughters and granddaughters!
Great patterns are fine when photographing against bare skin. If the baby has patterned clothing (I prefer their birthday suit!) make sure mom wears something really simple to not take away from the baby.

"Sela" five months


Keep your engagements simple! Your clothing solid in color, sleeves that least 2/3 in length is more flattering, patterns to a minimum, and try to avoid logos, images, and writing. It is really distracting. If one wants to wear a print, make sure the other is in a solid shirt. Bring a couple of jackets for variety. Girls, wear tanks under your shirts. It makes an easy, quick change without having to do it in the back seat of the car and faster for the photographer. Remember you are the focus! Have fun, relax and don't look at the camera all of the time. Some of the best shots are the unexpected.

Wedding Announcements

Wedding announcements can be done in several different sizes. Just keep in mind the cost of sending them. A square invitation, like my daughter, Rachel's was almost double the cost in mailing. Yicks! That adds up! The 4x9's are least expensive. The best place to get envelopes are at XPEDX in Salt Lake City, Utah or in Orem, Utah. They have a great variety and almost any size. Good Luck!

Hey, if you have images on a disk and need an invitation designed, email me and I can get that done for you.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


This was the first year that I had the opportunity to photograph for a contractor in our area for the Parade of Homes. Not only a free ticket into several homes, but I got to take my time and got some pretty fun shots without waiting for someone to comb their hair or a two year old running from their parents, not wanting to sit for more than two clicks of the camera. Fun project.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Trayden is the brand new son of a beautiful mother that a photographed earlier this year at her wedding. He was one of the easiest babies I have done so far. He was so quiet and loved the window light.



Rachel was so easy to photograph. I wonder why. Her invitation is located in "wedding announcements".

Monday, October 1, 2007

Pricing for Weddings