Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I don't like the end of summer, don't get me wrong, I love fall, but it closes another time that seems to be rushing by. This is a small group of friends of my son's (he is the tallest) that are all going separate ways, beginning new chapters in their lives. Some serving missions, going away to school, adventures across the world, new and exciting, but I will miss the laughter, always the laughter. Wish them all well and hope that in a couple of years, experiences will bring them back together again.

sophie's frog

Sophie about fell, jumping out of the chair when she found out I was headed back down to the lake for another photo shoot. She was in for a real treat this time with something unexpected....a two foot long snake! This was her third frog... the first is somewhere in our van, yipee! and the second one we took to the pond, because her room started to stink and this third little guy, well he stayed at the lake. The snake was interesting, and if her brother hadn't chased it back into the bushes, that would been on her next pet list. I love her adventureous personality, and her girlish giggle. Her blonde hair is fading, which makes me sad, but her freckles will always be there.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Lexie and Logan, what a great couple. I have known Lexie for a few years, being a friend of my oldest daughter and photographing her older sister's wedding, I knew they would be great to photograph, even though they called themselves dorky. My favorite was the top photo, easy and carefree. Lexie the "poser" couldn't do a serious one if she tried, a natural smiler- a word? I don't know, but that comes natural to her. Logan is a great compliment to her and I wish them well.

Friday, August 22, 2008

We went down to the lake to advantage of the beautiful scenery, unfortunately as the summer passed away the oder becomes a bit stronger. Sela was in a funny mood and thought she was still in Oregon on the beautiful beaches. The frogs were out and my youngest daughter, Sophie was thrilled. Of course she caught one and lost it in the car on the way home. We searched forever, but could never find it. Lovely. Won't that bring the lake smell right close to home. I sure hope it got out when the doors were open! Oh, by the way, she got another one when she came with me the next night. Yea! how I love that beautiful Tom Boy of mine!

photo tip: remember to turn off the flash and catch the beautiful evening light. Wear clothing that you really don't care about, so you can get down on their level. Don't worry, you will smell like the lake when you are done. It comes with the job.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Sarah and Kerry

Another fun engagement of a couple that were so fun to shoot. (That really sounds horrible!) Okay, snap shots of. Easy, relaxed, all around great couple. Congrates! Utah Lake is really beautiful if you can get past the smell and really slimmy water. I just tell everyone that I take down there to bring shoes that you don't care about and pretend that you are on the beaches in California, or in Oregon, after seeing my daughters photos from there. Next year, I will experience a real beach.


I believe every grandparents should proudly hang a photo like this up on their wall of their grandchildren. I told them to just pile in and this is one of several photos taken. What a wonderful, close knit family.

Photo tip- I don't think I really have one, except just to keep shooting, you'll find one that works out. The grandkids, especially like these, and for me, it breaks the ice and the laughter. Nothing better for me than to see and hear the family laughing together.