Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mountains in Utah

I was asked to photograph this family for a cover of a magazine for a company. When they told me who it was, I said, "I would rather not." I have known Virginia Dixon for many years as a well-known photographer and nervous?, paranoid?...yes, but.... I was honored to meet this humble, happy, and grateful family. The mountains were stunning and the evening sky was cool, clear...perfect.

Photo Tip-wished I would have bent the little boys other leg. Feels a little to "leggy" in the one spot. Also, his right arm should have been pulled back, maybe in his lap. Watch the little things. Other then that, good.


Chaotic Monarchy said...

just wanted to say "thank you" for all the photo tips. i have really enjoyed your posts. please keep them coming!

Lisa said...

As usual, I'm so grateful for all the photo tips you offer to us amateurs. Your work is so beautiful. Do you have some tips on locations in Utah Valley? Thnaks

rebecca carter said...

Lisa, locations in Utah County- I am really struggling with finding new ones, I am heading out with a friend to find some new ones. I have adult ADD and get bored really fast. My favorite places are being torn down, so I really dont have anything really fun anymore. I wish I lived in Gorlitz Germany, I saw literally hundreds of places to shoot, but then again, they don't take anything down.