Friday, August 22, 2008

We went down to the lake to advantage of the beautiful scenery, unfortunately as the summer passed away the oder becomes a bit stronger. Sela was in a funny mood and thought she was still in Oregon on the beautiful beaches. The frogs were out and my youngest daughter, Sophie was thrilled. Of course she caught one and lost it in the car on the way home. We searched forever, but could never find it. Lovely. Won't that bring the lake smell right close to home. I sure hope it got out when the doors were open! Oh, by the way, she got another one when she came with me the next night. Yea! how I love that beautiful Tom Boy of mine!

photo tip: remember to turn off the flash and catch the beautiful evening light. Wear clothing that you really don't care about, so you can get down on their level. Don't worry, you will smell like the lake when you are done. It comes with the job.

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