Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rachel's Belly....

It is official, I am a grandmother. Rachel is due again at the end of July. I had a hard time wrapping my brain around "Grandma", so my name is Mimi to Sela. My favorite thing now is my phone call almost every morning..."Good morning Mimi! I just woke up! I want to talk to Sassy!" (my youngest daughter Sophie or she loves to talk to Gus the dog.) These are the typical family photos we get of Sela, not one to hold still, but that's okay, that is who she is.  Can't wait for Graham to arrive. View Rachel's blog here.

1 comment:

Tracee Breeze said...

ooohhhhh those are pretty....... too bad those weeds are not there any more.

I love the "mimi" name it really is very un-grandma- ish.

your still hip woman.