Friday, October 12, 2007

Ideas for baby photos

I had an idea in mind and it turned out different than what I was going for, but it sure was fun. Sela loved the quacking duck we used to keep her attention. Along with watching Gus, our dog and the duck, she laughed and laughed. Cute outfits, a beautiful day and laughter, what else could I ask for.

Can't choose between one or two photos...Create a collage! This is a great way to be creative in cropping and show off your child. These were created in Photoshop. I keep the templets and change out the names and photos. Really quick if you plan on doing several.

We made a Father's Day card with a few of the photos we took of Sela. (Mind you it was just a few days before Father's Day and my daughter gives me a call..."Mom...can we do this for Dad and the Grandpa's?") She was great fun.


Lisa said...

I'm in Nicole's class with you and I love your stuff. Keep posting the great tips. I love the collages (sp?)

rebecca carter said...

thanks a million. I feel so handicapped at this technical stuff, Ihope it is easier as I learn how to navigate this blog stuff. This is going to be sooo helpful when I can just refer everyone to the blog instead of emailing photo sampling to people that call.

Thanks again!

sheila said...

just looked through your blog and i love it -i'm marking it to my favs!

Steven K. Ramsdell said...

Wondefull image ideas. Great for presentation. I am shooting a newborn each month for the first year, and have been stumped for inspiration. Thanks for the post!

Keith said...

Great pictures and ideas. I just can't get enough of finding photo ideas for babies. I recently posted my own article with 8 of my ideas and I thought your readers would enjoy.

Thanks and keep up the good work.