Thursday, October 25, 2007

Peter Meyer Concert

If you want to be a part of a wonderful concert, come to this concert in December. A crazy friend of mine went on line and has booked Peter Meyer's Band for the 3rd time!!!!! It is some of the best music and entertainment I have heard. I have now bought almost all of his CD's and my husband and I have the opportunity in catering dinner for his band every time they have come. If you are not familiar with Peter Meyer, he is Jimmy Buffets main guitar player and has written several of his songs. The instrumentals are soooo great. Can I say more? If you are interested...The dates are December 4th and 5th in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. For more information: Cynthia McKee-, cell 427-3216, $15.00 each. It makes a great gift and it so worth it!!! Tell anyone you think of that might like to come!

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