Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Baby B

This beautiful baby boy was so simple to photograph, mostly because he slept the entire session. His mother tried and tried to get him to wake up and no such luck. But while they are asleep, this is the best time to do any hand and feet detail photos.

Again, just very simple in a natural lit window. My window faces west, so I only have the morning light until around 2p.m. I keep my Fstop at 2.8 because we are just in my living room and this helps in blurring out anything you may see in the background. You don't need a fancy studio to take good photos. Just a good eye for beautiful soft light. Allow plenty of time to take infant photos. I always plan for at least 90 minutes. I use the mother to cradle the infant. I believe it looks a little bit more natural than trying to "prop" them up against something. If your just starting, don't have them bring any clothing. It is just distracting. Start simple and just focus on the baby and the available light and making beautiful photos.

Keep your room warm and the house quiet while photographing an infant. Keep them bundled and held snug to avoid the "julting" that may startle the baby.

If the baby starts to stir, try rubbing the baby right between the eyes and small circular motion and they usually fall right back asleep. Just be patient. It's worth it.

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