Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Baby Sister

These are the photos taken a couple of years ago when Lexi was just a few weeks old. The most recent photos were posted a couple of days ago. These were taken on my living room floor again with window light. I just put them both on the floor on top of a sheep skin rug and shot above them. The rugs are great for babies. It keeps them warm and they tend to sleep really well on them. I found small rugs up to IKEA in Salt Lake (my favorite new, organized, clean place to spend a few hours, to shop...and eat the cookies filled with jam, hang-out) They are around 20.00 and perfect for a newborn. Go through them and find one a little bit more round"ish".

One of the photos is obviously more sepia than the other one. I always add about "5" of red and "3" of yellow to my black and whites to get rid of the digital bluish tone. "Sepia", around 15 and 12 on the red and yellow. To give it a bit of glow, I go to filter, down to distort and over to Diffuse Glow. It will then open to another window. Graininess- mess with that and see what you like, but Glow Amount at 1 or 2. and Clear amount 15. This all depends on the photo, just be careful not to blow it way out, then it will really look funny.

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