Thursday, April 10, 2008


julieeee said...

Rebecca Carter-this is Nadene Cope's daughter, Julie. I am currently living in Portland with my husband and baby boy and I stumbled across yours and your daughters blog pages (might I add I thoroughly enjoyed them both. you are such incredibly creative women! way to go!) anyway, I have a super old camera that I have been dying to dust off and try on my son, but I am a super amateur with zero experience. Can you offer any advice? any books I can pick up? anything to help the photographic wheels to get a turnin?
I'll be tuning back in at a later date, but in the meantime, feel free to visit my blog:

thanks, and keep up the great work-your photography is truly original and stunning.

rebecca carter said...

Julie- hello! I am so sorry, this is the first time I have been on my blog since I have posted- I know lame! I really am trying to be better at checking for those that have comments or questions. Portland- Im jealous. Photographic heaven. Digital or film? Digital- try for at least a 6 px. Use in natural light-beach-window light- subscribe to Ranchfinder- free magazine with great info. If you lived down here, you could follow me around and learn as you go- I have two right now and it is the best to learn from. Most photographers don't care. You must learn to read light and see it how it falls on the subject. Your son would be good to practice on. Shoot and shoot- the easiest way to learn. If you can find some beginner classes so they can see the camera you have, it would help. You can email me if you have anymore questions. Start shooting and when you have specific questions, email me some more and I will be glad to email back some answers. thanks-

julieeee said...

thanks Rebecca!
I'll get right to work and email you with any questions I may have :)