Saturday, September 20, 2008


This is my beautiful new "niece-in-law". Sam forgot her flowers and there was no time to drive back home to retrieve them. I told her to go ahead and come, there were plenty of flowers where we were photographing. It does make it a bit "harder" or lets just say "different" to not be holding a bouquet. It is "weird" as some brides put it to not be holding anything, but we had to do. Since Sam is a "sporty girl", so some of the "girly" things were awkward for her to do. Most of the time she ended up laughing. Hands behind her back seemed to work the best for her. Make sure the bride tries to lower her shoulder closest to you and have her twist enough to expose her waist-line.

Welcome to the family, Sam. My daughter will so love having someone to throw balls with!

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