Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kerry & Sarah

Oh, I love my job when they forget or don't care about the camera and they just let "life happen". I love Kerry, what a trooper, this fun series was a result of a comment that Sarah's dad made when he came from work to watch for a few minutes. Just snap, but pay attention because I missed a few because I started laughing also.

Photo tips: on the third photo down where they are kissing with the flowers in focus... make sure the bride"s arm is under the groom's. Dang, my eye keeps going there. Also, I wish I would have not had her bouquet in her hand. The color wasn't needed. I still like the photograph. I am so bummed because I couldn't have asked for better color. The evening light was just perfect. At one point though, when we first got there, it was really, kind of yellow. I love it, to walk in, (I sometimes feel I am walking though someone's painting) but to photograph skin tones, it is a little harder. To remove it from the one on the bridge- I went to Hue and Sat and chose yellow in the options and took out, I believe 10, just to get a bit out of the skin. Nice bright overcast days do not need a flash as much. I had mine turned down to 1/125 and also had a bouncer on. If you are not careful, you will notice the background darker and it will look late evening- not so good. Turn off the flash when coming in close to them or doing details of the dress & bouquet.

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