Thursday, October 2, 2008


Holiness...I don't know why I struggle soooo much with my own family. If they were all really little, understandable, but geesh! I am sure my son-in-law, was like "man, woman, can we do this in one time!". No, really, he was wonderful, didn't complain, but yes, we did go back twice. I just hate to ask someone to come back. My own kids, yes. Fortunately, this has not happened but one or two times. You will notice some of the clothing change... and no single shot of Sela. What a busy-butt. She was interested in everything, but staying in range of the camera. I am just grateful there is a thing called "head-swapping!" Anyway, the first time we "tried" the arranging was out of wack, my oldest son looked like a giant and Sela was done, so we went back. Now, just to get Sela alone....yea!

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Tracee said...

I la la la love these!!! Sooo cute!