Friday, January 4, 2008

Adding Trees to a Drab Background

If you find that the autumn leaves are gone, you can still add them. I have a whole file of "Autumn Trees". For two years now, I have gone out and photographed trees at their peak. All of them are taken on the "perfect" overcast days because I photograph families in open shade and they can be put in the photograph pretty easily. If I have a spot that I photograph most of my families at, I take photos of the trees at their peak at different angles and it works great! Lighting is essential when doing this, they have to match the scene or it doesn't work very well.

It is kind of like a head swap- it is just a tree swap. 1. Lasso the tree out of the one photo, drag it onto the photo. 2. Adjust the size. 3. Create a layer mask on the tree layer. 4. Use the brush tool and smooth out the edges. Layering trees works well also.

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