Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Yummy Soup

About a year ago I started photographing my husbands food in hopes to get a recipe book done, looking into an online cookbook. He is an excellent chef, taught cooking classes for couples for a few years, now does seasonal catering and takes weekly phone calls asking for his recipes especially this dressing recipe. Would love to host the couples again. That was a great idea and miss having them over.

This is a yummy Cabbage and Bratwurst soup with a touch of cream. Fennel seeds added a great twist to the flavor. Perfect in the winter, so the foot of snow in our not-taken-care-of-garden from the fall worked great. It added some nice texture.

So if your into food with a bold flavor-watch in the next couple of weeks and I will add some recipes.


GUNDY said...

Mmmm! Can we arrange to make this soup at Rachel/Brian's next baby blessing!? Its looks so delish:) A perfect side would be some of that sausage-stuffed bread that Rick's mom makes. (to die for)

I like your blog rebec.... keep those recipes posted!

Rachel Swan said...

HAHAHAH! Gundy posted on your blog! That is great! Anyway, I have mine up and running, you can come check it out if you want!