Friday, January 4, 2008

Weddings in the Snow

Stacie and Eamonn were real troopers when I asked them during their wedding dinner to come outside for some photos. A mis-communication on time for the family photos, left me with no photos of the bride and groom. Not good. Because I knew it was quite cold outside and I was about 20 minutes from one of Utah's largest snow storms, I had to think quickly. I first went outside and chose 3 spots to take some photos. I looked at the angles I could use, pictured them in my head, literally in my head, ran inside and got the bride and groom. Because the snow was starting to fall, I told them where to stand and what to do. Not my idea of the greatest photo shoot, but I had to work quickly. I was so glad Stacie's dress did not have a train, this saved sooo much time. If your bride has a train in this situation, hook it up in the back to avoid it getting really wet and you having to "arrange it" in every photo. This was a "slam bam, thank you mam" kind of situation, but we did finish just as the snow was really coming down. We left when we could hardly see the car in front of us.

I turned my flash almost all the way down to avoid catching the falling snow. The flash will sometimes brighten the snow flakes and make it more obvious. Take several shots of the same thing, you won't see the falling snow on their faces until you bring them up on your computer and most likely they are right through the eye. I did several looking at eachother so it wouldn't matter as much. I let Tracee (my partner in crime) take the candids so I could make sure I got the "basics" done. (She had the fun part). If you have someone that you can bring along, either who is learning photography or would just like to come- bring them!!! In this situation, I could not have done both. We really had 8-10 minutes before the snow storm hit and she was freezing!

Battery tips in the cold- batteries hate the cold! Bring extras and put them in your front pockets to keep warm until you need them!! I have had a couple of times when the batteries "Zapped" out just after a few photos.

Avoid snow on the lens- In situations like this or in the rain- check your lens- regularly. Make it a habit. You cannot see the spots on your lens when looking through the view finder and sometimes your working so quickly you don't notice. Use a long lens hood that is made for your lens so when you zoom out it doesn't leave a shadow around the outside edge. The hood will really protect the rain and snow from falling on your lens. (don't leave it sitting in a parade of homes-home like I did- it was 80.00 to replace!)

The last shot was my favorite! Stacie and Eamonn- thanks for being such good sports coming out into the cold! Many happy, warm days ahead!!

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