Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Rantster said...

Rebecca - I came across your blog at random and I wanted to compliment you on your photography as well as the tips/lessons that you've shared! I've been taking photo for fun since 1978 and someday I'd really love to do it for more than a hobby (and actually take some classes!). Anyway, what brand/model of camera(s) do you employ? I just started a photo blog but I'm on a trip for work and haven't been able to add much to it yet. My wife and I just started another fun blog (nothing to do w/ photography) that you're welcome to check out. Thanks again for sharing your talent! ~ Bob

rebecca carter said...

Hi Bob! Since "78. Keep snapping! I use everything Canon. I have a 5D and try to shoot as much natural light as possible. I like the 5D, it is as close to the film look, that I was looking for and the 12.75 px is big enough for what I do. I am venturing into another blog- just check it out sometime the end of next week. It is so not me- but I am so excited to get it going. Anyway, thanks so much for visiting- ask any questions you like. I am not the standard blogger but I do have some new posts lined up for the next few days of some shoot over the last week. Oh, take all the classes you can. I find that even beginner classes are great- I always come away with something new and helpful.- Reb

Tracee said...


These are awesome!!!!! Absolutley beatiful!!! Can't wait until something like that comes out of my camera!!!!!!!!!