Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kylie Babe

Literally, almost all 200 of the photos that I snapped of this beautiful girl turned out. Beautiful girl, awesome lighting, white balance was great, with the exception of a few. Be careful what is around you that would reflect back at the subject. There is one place that a shoot quite often, and there is orange stucco walls on both sides and once in a while, it casts a strange coloring on their faces. Sometimes a lot of green will reflect back, giving a slightly nasty greenish-yellow haze to the skin. That is a real bummer. I have to bring my reflector more often to block off the color reflecting on the skin. Most of the time I don't have an assistant to help, so I don't bother, but it really would help. Correcting the problems before the shoot begins, results in much less time at the computer. Otherwise, a great shoot.


Tracee said...

Fabulous color woman!!! As always!

Lisa said...

As usual, you do such a fabulous job. Do you have ideas of locations in Utah County for portraits (kids and families). Thanks.

Amanda Mendenhall said...

Rebecca, My name is Amanda Mendenhall I actually went to school with Rachel, and I am always trying to find Photographers in Utah! But I just stumbled across your blog and I love it! The fam pics of Stephanie are just breath taking! I love your blog it is so nice to be able to read your advice. I am trying to get into photography myself. I have my own blog as well if you want to leave some advice on how I could improve that would be awsome! You are such an amazing photographer and I just love your work! I will be checking your blog often for advice!